About Diamond Dental Centre

At Diamond dental centre we pride ourselves on having a zestful, highly trained and well integrated team of professionals who share a great passion for providing their best to our patients. The entire team will spare no efforts to make your visit a very pleasant experience from the moment you call our office and through treatment and until you leave with a big smile and beyond.

Dr Luma Jabbar-Principal Dentist

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Dr Luma graduated as a Dental Surgeon in 1998, and obtained her Masters degree in Prosthodontics in 2000. In 2013, Luma completed Momentum Management program, a 30 months study primarily designed to enhance patient’s and practice management in order to provide excellent services and best care to the patients. Luma can fully relate to how some patients feel about visiting the dentist, she herself had a bad dental experience in her childhood, and since becoming a dentist, Luma has committed herself to make her patients experience when visiting the office as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Luma’s vision to providing an unforgettable experience to her patients and a great environment to her team was entirely captured and realized by the practice management.

From the extra modern and relaxing practice design, the high tech equipment that makes the treatment as safe and painless as it can be, the extensive training provided to the Diamond team to aim for perfection, through to entertainment for children and adults in the guest room. You can watch TV on the extra-large screen, play games on the Microsoft XBOX 360, read the latest magazines, or just sit and relax with a drink from our carefully selected range of the finest coffee and tea. Luma very much appreciates and enjoys the fact that the majority of her new patients are referred by family members or friends that have seen Luma and were touched by her kindness and genuine care. Luma enjoys working with children and apprehensive patients. In her spare time, Luma enjoys working as a volunteer to serve the community.

Dr Louise Kim-Associate Dentist

Diamond Dental Centre is proud to introduce Dr Louise Kim who joined us in January 2017. Due to increased demand for our dental services we felt the need for an associate to join our already highly skilled team of professionals. Out of many high-profile candidates for the associateship, Dr Kim was a clear standout. Her excellent academic achievements, solid experience, knowledge and dedication to patient care were amongst the long list of impressive qualities. Most importantly, Dr. Kim’s ethics, duty of care towards her patient’s and ability to explain treatment options and converse on a down to earth level with each and every member of the family sets her in good stead for a long and successful career in the dental industry. Dr Kim has quickly become a solid and integral part of our team ensuring the continuation of care from first point of contact, providing excellent service with clear communications skills and a warm smile to brighten anyone’s day!

Dr Kim graduated from James Cook University, Cairns and Townsville Campus as a Dental Surgeon. Dr Kim has previously worked in the public and private health sector. This has enabled Dr Kim to experience and upskill in all that dental has to offer. Dr Kim has a passion for those who might struggle with dental phobias, anxiety and confidence. Treating dental emergencies and complex procedures such as Root Canal Treatment, Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Inlays and Onlays are what Dr Kim excels in. Dr Kim has an eye for detail and small hands which makes for a comfortable work environment which contributes to your overall experience in the dental chair. Patient care and pain free dentistry is priority for Dr Kim and with her warm nature, huge heart and beautiful smile you can see that this is what she is all about.

Dr Kim’s other passion is languages and culture. Dr Kim is fluent in English, Japanese and Korean. So, if English is your second language, have no fear as Dr Kim is here! Dr Kim loves to look after all ages so if you are a pediatric patient or 75 years plus, Dr Kim would love to meet you and look after all your dental needs. We look forward to meeting you soon ….

Dr Edward Kuswanto – Associate Dentist

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It is with immense pleasure we announce that Dr Edward Kuswanto has joined us at Diamond Dental Centre. A Queensland University graduate with Honours, Edward is a very happy and positive person, but above all he is super kind and gentle. He loves working with kids of all ages, and his personal goal is to ensure kids look after their teeth from an early age to prevent problems in the future. He developed an awesome skill that enables him to communicate and connect with kids easily, so kids happily comply with his advice all done in a fun and friendly way. Of course, he is well trained to perform all kinds of adult and seniors’ dental procedures including fillings, root canals, crowns and bridges, dentures, whitening and all other dental needs.

Dr Edward loves our philosophy that Diamond Dental Centre is not just an ordinary work place; it’s a place where we have fun and enjoy what we do. We seek our ultimate personal satisfaction when we provide the diamond class service every patient deserves and see our patients leave deeply satisfied and grateful for the joyful experience.